About Adam Bund

1379013745_Adam8Adam Bund most recently worked as a lecturer at the Lauder Institute of Management and Global Studies and in the Department of Anthropology. While there, he pursued critical work on the intertwined nature of the political economies of China, India, Africa and Latin America. Previously, Adam Bund worked at the Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management in Beijing, China, where he conducted extensive research focusing on the shifting meanings of discourses of innovation. He also collaborated with the same school’s National Center for the Study of Entrepreneurship as a research scholar and taught classes where he guided small teams of students to conduct ethnographic work on Chinese institutions.
Over his academic career, Adam Bund has presented papers at a range of conferences including the annual American Anthropological Association meetings, the SSRC Inter-Asian Connections conference, and the Postcolonialities conference at the University of Pittsburgh. His conference presentations represent work on a variety of topics, including “Mourning Industrial Labor: Global Landscapes of Economic Abandonment” and “Anxieties of ‘Indigenous’ Innovation: High-tech Networks in Contemporary China.”Prior to his graduate studies at Columbia University Bund earned his BA in cultural anthropology from Duke University, where he graduated summa cum laude with a majors in Cultural Anthropology and The Program in Literature and a minor in Asian and African languages and culture.


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